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For several years, I worked as an Accountant with a specialization in Compliance, following a stint in external audit and process assurance. A sedentary triangular lifestyle from work to home and place of worship; in a continuum.

A few years back, in my 40s, I observed to my dismay that I was developing a potbelly with regular discomforts. My colleagues jokingly made comments that it was indicative of good living; a perception that I shared in time past. Eventually, I came to terms with the reality that it could not, in any way, be an index of good living.

I chose to seek help and subsequently met my Chiropractic doctor, who advised me to change my eating habits. I was able to draw from the discussions with the doctor that certain lifestyle habits contributed to my condition, especially poor dietary habits and lack of fitness exercises.

I mustered effort to adjust my diet with some fitness exercises for three months. It was quite an uneasy experience. The significant improvement to my health was almost unbelievable; the potbelly gradually disappeared.

My experience with pot-belly was a short-lived one; just within twelve months. Those who had known me for years, without being privy to this transient condition would wonder what motivated me to spearhead an effort to manage excess fat. With the discomfort that I experienced within this short space of time; I could only contemplate what others living with this condition for years have been going through. It is better imagined than experienced.

My wife has a chubbier make-up than myself. I was known for a slim fit physique. So, she was used to physical exercises to keep healthy. I happened to be the one with a sedentary lifestyle.

After the doctor’s prescription, I had no choice other than to join my wife in her daily physical exercise routine. It was a challenging experience. I jog around the estate, over three kilometers stretch.

Getting up the morning after was an arduous task. The excruciating pain in my legs, not having exercised after a very long time, coupled with the issue of protruding belly compounded my misery. It required some doggedness with encouragement from my wife to continue despite the initial pains.

I give credit to Enna, my love for her consistent effort, which yielded good dividends for both of us in the long run. She’s an ardent believer in the need to keep fit through physical exercises, unlike myself. I’ve always believed that the nature of my work and the level of mental activity that I undergo daily was more than enough. All I thought I needed was a good rest after office work. I was wrong!

At a point in time, we took to Salsa dance lessons, and that also proved to be an excellent way to keep fit. I realized through the dance lessons that dancing is indeed a perfect exercise for staying healthy.

Time for sustained action!

Most men and women from all climes place top priority on a healthy outlook and smart physical appearance. Even though there is no universal standard on physical fitness, the quest for good health and fashion sense, make people care for their outlook. While men work hard to maintain a macho physique, women focus on a perfect waistline and look.

However, many today are battling with the issue of excess fat. The common visible ones are a swollen stomach, fat underarms, and lower abdomen. However, the question of excess fat goes beyond this simplistic classification. Aside from the hereditary factor, which plays a role, lifestyle habits constitute a major causal factor.

I have observed how people vilify those who suffer from obesity with unsavory remarks. Some with jesting and others with rebuff when it comes to using public facilities like commercial buses, thus limiting their freedom.

Many have tried all sorts of recommendations to battle excess fat while others resigned to fate. However, it is interesting to note that there are scores of individuals who were very fat in times past and are now smart and very fit.

Improvement does not happen by chance. Every success is a result of determination and conscious action. You don’t achieve success by accident; success comes by design.

Regardless of the degree of excess fat, there is always a solution. More often than not, the problem in administering these solutions is the need for the individual to resolve in his mind that he or she wants to get back to shape and back this with consistent, disciplined action. Giving up on the way or resigning to fate will not yield he desired result. Most things that end well result from difficult but consistent actions.

It’s a Journey!

It is my fervent hope that everyone who visits this platform will be able to gain added value to improve the quality of life through the various interactions and contributions. The focus is to empower persons with obese tendencies or experience with tips on the need to eat right, adjust certain lifestyle habits and to use their energies positively for fitness.


For those who are yet to start, note that it’s a journey. And for those who have started, you will no doubt receive a series of encouraging tips to accelerate and sustain noticeable improvements.


There is no gainsaying that all the recommendations will be of no use when not utilized. Given this, we will also share tips on how to monitor observed progress and to sustain and build on it.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help.


All the best.






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