How to Get Rid of Belly Fat in Women

Belly fat can be a common phenomenon among women of all ages. That’s because women are typically susceptible to more fat around their hip, legs, belly, buttocks, upper arms and the chest (Anderson et al., 2001).

Experts have confirmed that excess visceral is a risk to metabolic health, among other complications such as heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, and fatty liver. Also, excessive fat deposits around the belly can be worrying because it’s linked to various diseases.

People with higher fat around their thighs and butt regions have less risk than that deposits around the middle area. That’s why belly fat is more dangerous to the general body health. More fat around your tummy is called subcutaneous fat and you can feel it by a pinch. Visceral fat is the one around the abdominal cavity organs.

Also, Visceral fat secretes excessive levels of adipokines, – these are chemicals that cause inflammation, – releasing a lot of fatty acids into your bloodstream.

Worrying belly fat can be challenging to shift. Due to the sedentary style of living and stressful commitment to work, the belly fat builds up quickly. Health is essential, and you deserve the best. That’s why we are here to help. This article will introduce you to practical ways of getting rid of stubborn tummy fats. Here is all you need to know!

What’s the Most Common Fat Belly in Women?

You may have tried everything to lose fat but still haven’t achieved your objective. Is it possible that you are using a wrong approach to cut fat?

Firstly, it’s essential to understand the type of condition that is causing panic and fear.

Here are the types of fat belly in women that you need to know!

1. Alcohol belly,

2. Postpartum fat belly

3. Stressed out fat belly

4. Fat belly as a result of hormonal imbalance

5. Bloated fat belly

So, understanding them can be a useful step towards controlling and stopping excessive fat belly.

The Ultimate Guide to Top 5 Common Types of Fat Belly

1. Alcohol Fat Belly

Alcohol isn’t only addictive. It is also one of the leading causes of belly fat, back pain, and it makes one feel hungry and develop the desire for sugary foods. This is harmful to the body. So, any alcoholic beverage can cause fat belly as it undermines the liver from secreting salts that break down fat and support a healthy metabolism. Also, alcohol has high calories, which lead to the development of excess fat deposits around the belly. Hence, there is a need to get rid of it.

2. Postpartum Fat Belly

After delivery, women tend to have permanent resistance in the womb, and they may retain the fat belly even after they lose the weight of the baby.

It can be as a result of diastasis recti, which affects the abdominal muscles by causing them to separate and stretch. Also, during pregnancy, the insulin level increases and cause accumulation of the fat in the abdomen.

3. Fat Belly Caused by Stress

Cortisol is a compound that the body releases once it is subjected to stress. It is connected to weight-gain directly, as it compels your body to store excess visceral fat. Also, it can cause anxiety and, can force you to eat more than usual. Also, irregular sleep patterns can cause excessive stress, which eventually leads to visceral fat.

4. Fat Belly as a Result of Hormonal Imbalance

The level of hormones in the body can sabotage your effort to eliminate excess fat. Medical studies have established that women, unlike men, may have testosterone value above 70ng/dl; which can be the symptoms of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). This condition is accompanied by insulin resistance and eventually leads to the accumulation of the fats in the belly.

5. Bloated Fat Belly

Waking up with a flat stomach is normal, but worry creeps in when you realize that the tummy expands as the day advances. An intolerance to particular foods could cause it. Also, it can result from an allergy, bad digestion, or imbalances in the intestinal secretions. These are some of the possible causes of such a condition.

After a meal, it’s normal to have bloat. However, this can be as a result of gluten intolerance or due to less ingestion of fire. So, it’s essential to take precision and control that condition from exceeding normality as we shall see in a later section (Anderson et al., 2001).

They are the common types of belly fat in women. So, as you attempt to finish abdominal fat, focus on the causes, and make your work easy and quick.

Causes of Belly Fat in Women.

Poor diet, stress, and lack of exercises are some of the leading causes of belly fat. So, understanding them will help address the issue of developing excess fat around your stomach. What then are the leading causes of belly fat in women?

1. Poor diet

Taking much sugary food like cakes, candy and other drinks, such as fruit juices and soda, will slow down the metabolic process and lead to weight gain.

Also, it will deter your liver from burning down excess fat. Plus, low protein, excess carbohydrates, etc., can lead to excessive weight gain. Besides, trans fats can cause inflammation and obesity.

2. Too much alcohol

Taking too many alcoholic drinks can be dangerous to your health. Alcohol affects liver activities; hence, it can lead to diseases. Also, it can cause inflammation of the liver.

The liver is the most vital organ of the body that controls and carries out some metabolic processes. It produces bile which has essential salts that break down fats hence regulating weight gain and especially the deposition of fats around the belly.

Several studies have indicated that excess alcohol leads to weight gain around the belly.

3. Lack of exercise

Consuming more calories when making less effort to burn them off can be a worrying routine because an inactive lifestyle makes your body prone to diseases.

The type of lifestyle that you subject your body to determines the way it develops, and when inactive, it becomes hard to get rid of belly fat.

4. Stress

Cortisol is a type of steroid hormones which helps the body in controlling stress. When you’re stressed; when you are under high pressure, the body releases cortisol; which can have a high impact on the metabolic processes.

At this moment, most people attempt to find comfort, and that’s when cortisol will cause excess calories to remain around your belly. So, when you are stressed for a more extended period, more effect is felt, as it causes fat belly.

5. Poor sleep

Less sleep than usual can have a worrying impact on your body. Short sleep duration leads to the development of excess abdominal fats. So, sufficient sleep is necessary, and it affects the healthy development of your body. However, when sleep is little, it can lead to emotional eating habit, which eventually causes fat belly.

Effects of each belly fat type on women health

Increased belly fat can be dangerous to your health. Moreover, it increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and even specific types of cancers.

  • Excessive Fats in the Body Triggers Insulin Resistance

When you ingest foods which convert rapidly into sugars, there is a possible spike of insulin. Insulin plays a critical role in the body, and when it is overworked, its impact decreases, which eventually affects the level of development. Over time, cells become resistant to insulin when it is overexposed to rapid activities.

High insulin and sugars are trapped in your blood and are denied access into the body cells. So, when this condition becomes persistent for a longer time, the blood sugar increases and leads to diabetic challenges.

  • Belly fat is a risk to metabolism

Metabolic syndrome is a condition that refers to a group of factors that determine whether you’re at risk of developing any of diabetes, heart disease, or stroke.

Whenever you have any of the following conditions, it would mean that you have metabolic syndrome,

An elevated triglyceride level: when the triglyceride level is more than 150 mg/dL.

A large waistline: women should have a waist circumference that doesn’t exceed 35 inches. Men should have less than 40 inches.

Low HDL cholesterol levels: it’s also called healthy cholesterol, levels where women should have 50 mg/dL and above.

It raises blood pressure levels. Also, it increases blood sugar.

  • Cardiovascular diseases caused by belly fat:

Studies have indicated that visceral fat cells can produce proteins which can damage the body in various ways. Excess proteins trigger low levels of chronic inflammations; that causes clogging of the arteries, and it leads to increased risk for heart diseases and stroke.

Specific Action Steps to Get Rid of Each Obese Type in Women

Is your attempt to lose the belly fat becoming elusive? Is it because you haven’t established the actual cause yet? Losing belly fat can involve intensive exercise and absolute change in the lifestyle.

Here is how to get rid of belly fat in women:

1. Improve your diet

Sticking to a balanced diet, and a healthy meal is one of the best ways of restricting weight gain. Also, it will have an overall impact on your health. Avoid sugary foods and drinks, fatty meals, as well as refined carbs with little nutritional value. That’s the first step towards losing weight (Heshka et al., 2003).

Otherwise, blend your diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits, complex carbs as well as lean proteins.

2. Minimize your Consumption of Alcohol

Monitoring your alcohol intake is essential when you are trying to lose abdominal fat. Alcoholic beverages typically have extra sugar that is responsible for weight gain. So, when you avoid or even restrict alcohol intake, you’ll be losing the excess weight in return.

3. Increase your exercise

It’s no doubt that physical workout can be an excellent way of losing weight. You can lose belly fat when you include exercise as part of your daily routine. Otherwise, when you retain a sedentary lifestyle, you’ll risk getting severe health challenges, such as weight gain.

Aerobic exercise and strength training can help tackle belly fat. So, it is essential that you include physical workout to your lifestyle. Also, it’s more important to blend your exercise routine with a cardiovascular and high-intensity workout.

4. Avoid stressful conditions

Stress can be a cause of weight gain. When you’re stressed, the body releases the hormone cortisol, which influences one’s appetite and can cause them to eat more meals.

When stressed, engage in non- disruptive activities such as yoga, which is gentle and effective. Also, take stress-relieving medication while leaving a mindful life.

5. Improve your sleeping pattern

Sufficient sleep can be a vital element to the overall health. Also, too little rest can have an impact on your general well-being.

Sleep is a primary aspect to consider as it allows the body to heal, rest, and recover from any worrying situation. Also, it has an impact on your weight, as it will help you reduce and finally do away with belly fat.

Getting enough and good-quality sleep can be an essential way of shedding weight.

Takeaway: Simple but Effective Steps to Losing each Fat Belly!

When the fat belly is a result of Alcohol, Go for physical exercise and burn fat. Also, avoid alcohol consumption and take more water. Eat more fruits, vegetables and lean proteins!

If the belly is caused by Postpartum Fat (after giving birth)

Avoid sit-ups as they prevent natural body healing. Also, visit the doctor if the condition is accompanied by pelvic, back, or stomach pain! Go for an adventure and engage your body thru exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor; also, look for programs that focus on diastasis.

Is stress causing fat Belly? Don’t worry!

Get more rest. Go to bed early; that’ll help regulate metabolic processes. Stop taking junk food or avoid overeating, and minimize ingestion of sweet and salty foods. Enjoy healthy breakfast and avoid anxiety or possible mood swings. Practice gentle workouts such as yoga or take necessary meditation to relieve stress.

Are Hormonal Imbalances causing Fat Belly? Here is all you need to do!

Eat healthy meals rich in Omega 3 and 6. Also, increase the intake of fire foods such as vegetables, fruits, to lose fat. Minimize the consumption of red meat, dairy products, and meals, as they cause bloating. Do, light exercise, such as yoga, walking, etc., as they maintain low levels of stress.

Bloated Fat Belly

Take probiotics and help intestinal flora. Also, stay well-hydrated all day as it helps develop a more favourable digestive system. Do a variety of exercises that help the diaphragm. Besides, increase fire intake and add fresh vegetables, legumes, nuts, and fruits.

Final thoughts

There’s a higher possibility of developing health complications if you’ve excess belly fat. Poor diet, lack of exercise, alcohol intake, hormonal imbalance and low-quality sleep are some of the causes of gaining fat belly. An active lifestyle, healthy food, and avoiding alcohol can help you lose excess belly fat. Also, it lowers your risk of health problems.


Heshka, S., Anderson, J. W., Atkinson, R. L., Greenway, F. L., Hill, J. O., Phinney, S. D., … and Pi-Sunyer, F. X. (2003). Weight loss with self-help compared with structured-commercial program: a randomized trial. Jama, 289(14), 1792-1798.

Anderson, J. W., Konz, E. C., Frederich, R. C., and Wood, C. L. (2001). Long-term weight-loss maintenance: a meta-analysis of US studies. The American journal for clinical nutrition, 74(5), 579-584.

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  2. I’m really struggling with the belly fat lately. The older I get, the more I struggle. My metabolism is less forgiving it seems.

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  3. For several years, belly fat has lowered the self esteem of women, making them run back into their shells. Belly fat makes women feel and look out of shape, we sometimes don’t fit into clothes and when you force it you look really bad in it. I’ll advice women take to exercising and watching our diet, it goes along way to helping out with it. Best regards.

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  4. I must say that this article really hit the nail on the head for me, with regards to the type of belly fat I am battling with. Postpartum Belly fat is the problem I currently face and I have tried taking a lot of supplements to reduce it, all to no avail. Thanks so much for addressing this. Since my delivery, my belly has stubbornly remained big and thankfully you have shared the tips on how to make things work out for me. Thanks for the tips shared and how to make them part of my daily routine. I am hopeful that they will work out well for me and I will finally lose the belly fat.

    1. Hi Tracy,

      Postpartum belly fat can be a difficult one to handle. I am a father of four, and over the years I watched my wife and her sisters deal with weight gain during and after pregnancy. I wish I had the information I do now, it would have been of great help to them as I hope it is to you. 

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  6. After 2 years of marriage, My wife started having this excessive fat, but things are getting better now. She has been on the a strict “Diet” since Dec 18’. She lost all of her Biceral Fat, do some heavy lifting daily and have become lean and perform very well in the best ab workout advice she got somewhere. . She eliminated all processed non organic foods and have really followed professional advice of what to put in her body. In summary, the diet and the exercise really helped.

    Nice writeup


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    I strongly believe that belly fat is one of the most disgusting plagues that can affect the human body. As it comes on without you knowingly invites it. But, it is hard work and determination to get belly fat to go away.

     Surprisingly, with all the ill effects that come with belly fat, some women think their man will leave them if they lose the belly fat. Different folks, different strokes. Belly fat for me, it is the worst nightmare.


    1. Hi Dorcas,

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this. You are right on point that, excess fat in women, especially,  requires a lot of determination to contend with. But nothing is impossible with the right mindset and attitude. The problem most time is the need for persistence; not to give up. 

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