Fat Loss Cardio for Persons with Knee Arthritis

Take a moment to imagine a bridge built with just two tiny columns as support. This bridge is designed to sustain the weight of pedestrians. It has little or no allowance for dead weight but only the mass of people moving to and fro. What would be the outcome when we have several heavy-duty trucks parking right on the bridge? This unusual dead weight causes the bridge to experience undue stress.

The result is a crack and a total collapse of the supporting columns. This scenario is just what plays out when a fat person has knee arthritis. As a result of a person’s excess weight, the knee, which is the support system of the body, becomes overstressed. The pressure exerted on the knee by the weight of the person would increase over time. This excess weight can cause the knee to experience tear.

We shall be looking at cardio exercises for persons with knee arthritis. We shall also be revealing a few tips for the treatment of arthritis knee pain.

To start with, please join me as I peer into some basic information about knee arthritis.

What is arthritis?


Arthritis, in simple terms, means inflammation of the joints, which results in severe pain. Between two bones, there is usually the presence of cartilage. Its primary function is to prevent two bones from rubbing against each other. When the cartilage wears away as a result of several factors which we shall see, then it becomes a problem. This wearing-out gives rise to osteoarthritis.

The scope of this article will dwell more on arthritis found on the knee joint.

Causes of arthritis

Several underlying factors cause knee arthritis. Some of them include:

· Age: the ability of cartilages to heal decreases with age.

· Gender: knee arthritis occurs more in older women.

· Weight: we shall dwell solely on knee arthritis as a result of weight gain

· Other factors: other factors that can cause knee arthritis such as hereditary, metabolic disorders, athletics, stress, etc. can cause knee arthritis.

Knee Arthritis caused by weight gain

Do you know that for every one pound of weight you gain, you are also exerting 4 pounds of pressure on your knees? Frightening right? Not to worry. We shall let you know the secret to fat loss cardio for knee arthritis.

Fat Loss Cardio for Persons with Arthritis

We have discussed the negative implications of weight gain on the knee joint. Weight loss, on the other hand, functions in several ways as an effective treatment for arthritis knee pain. You can achieve weight loss to reduce or eliminate arthritis knee pain. This treatment can be attained either through nutritional management or engaging in weight loss exercises.

Now let’s look at some fat loss cardio tips for persons with knee arthritis.

1. Engage in partial squats

Partial squats play a significant role in reducing knee pain arthritis. This exercise aims to build the muscles around the knee. Repetition of this movement tends to make the muscles stronger and support your body weight. This form of fat loss cardio is useful to reduce knee pain arthritis.

How to effectively carry out this exercise

Here is an outline of the steps to take in doing an effective partial squat:

· Stand straight with your legs slightly apart.

· Focus your eyes to the front.

· Raise both hands slightly and point them forward.

· Squat down gently, so your knee forms a 90-degree angle with your body.

· Stand straight again and return to the squat position.

When doing this exercise, you might feel some pain in your knees. Don’t overstress your knee with this fat loss cardio exercise. Take it as a gradual process as you build the muscles in your knees. You will soon be free of the pain and get rid of knee arthritis.

2. Striking Yoga Poses

Yoga has been impactful from ancient times, as a physical and mental healing procedure. It offers a stretching feeling on the joints. Striking the right yoga pose helps to reduce pain in the knee. It’s a knee pain arthritis reducer.

How to effectively carry out this exercise

This particular yoga pose is known as “Extended Leg Pose.” Physiotherapists highly recommend it in reducing arthritis knee pain. Here are the steps you can take to perform this exercise effectively.

· Stand up straight and press your palms together.

· Try to transfer your weight unto one leg

· Raise your other leg gently and rest it on your laps.

· Hold this position for about 20 sec if possible.

3. Walking

Many people do neglect such a simple exercise as walking. It is very effective in treating knee arthritis. Walking is also an excellent form of fat loss cardio if you’re looking to reduce weight. Walking helps to ensure that the muscles in the knees are mobile. This mobility makes sure that the cartilage in the knee stays nourished; it also ensures that your bones remain flexible and healthy.

How to effectively carry out this exercise

Walking is a straightforward exercise. However, you do need to ensure you take the correct steps. When you do, walking exercise can effectively help you in treating knee arthritis and losing weight.

The steps to ensure an effective walk exercise include:

· Wear flat and flexible shoes.

· Warm-up first by starting at a relaxed pace before gradually increasing your levels.

· Avoid concrete walkways because they are harder on the joints when walking.

· Follow a walking plan or schedule. Take about 5000 steps per day.

· You can reduce inflammation on your joints after walking by adding cold packs.

4. Cycling

Cycling is a very effective fat loss cardio for knee arthritis. When cycling, the muscles in your knees are in constant motion. This movement helps to prevent the bones in the knee joint from stiffening. The muscles around the knee joint become stronger. This added muscle strength helps to support the weight of your body. There would be lesser pressure on your knees. Cycling is not just an essential exercise for treating knee arthritis but also ensuring weight loss.

How to effectively carry out this exercise

Follow these simple steps to see how you can use cycling to minimize weight loss and knee arthritis:

· You can choose between indoor or outdoor cycling

· Pick the right bike that will fit your frame.

· When outdoor cycling, please do well to wear a helmet.

· Start slowly. Do not overwork yourself if you are starting. You can start with a cycling routine of 30 min per day and gradually increase the time spent.

· Always ensure you use the pedal so you can build your muscles.

5. Swimming

Swimming is also a beneficial weight loss exercise for knee arthritis. It helps to strengthen the muscles around your knee joint. Your muscles become very flexible. This exercise helps to reduce pain associated with knee arthritis. Swimming is also an effective measure to lose weight. Your body burns a lot of calories when swimming. This movement makes you feel lighter.

How to effectively carry out this exercise

· Ensure that the water level is waist or chest high

· You can do water walking or water jogging to ensure your joint muscles are flexible.

· You can also stand on one leg in the pool to strengthen leg muscles.

· You can also practice hip kickers by standing with one leg and stretching your other knee straight. You can do this for some seconds.

Final Remarks

Knee arthritis is excruciating and can put you in immense discomfort. However, you can treat it effectively using the fat loss cardio for knee arthritis given above. But the secret to ensuring weight loss and eliminating knee arthritis is perseverance and determination. Build those thigh muscles, shed some pounds, and get rid of knee arthritis for good.



11 thoughts on “Fat Loss Cardio for Persons with Knee Arthritis

  1. Oh! God bless you for this post. My wife has really been adding up weight lately but due to her knee arthritis, nothing could be done in terms of exercises that would help maintain her shape. Thankfully I decided to do a little research and I came across this article. I will definitely show this to her ASAP. All of these cardio workouts you have shared are excellent and she would be more than elated to give these trials. Thanks

    1. I will be happy to know that she has started using the tips and it works. Thanks for your comments! Good health to you and your family. Anthony

  2. Arthritis is one very serious problem in older people and I must confess the pain that follows isn’t one I’ll wish for my enemy, lol. So many people have neglected the effectiveness of small things like exercises and would rather focus on the ones that would cost us money and stress. This is one mentality that needs to be changed by all.
    Looking  at the suggestions you have given to helping with arthritis, i must commend the fact that they are all simple and no drugs which will make one spend money is involved. I’ll inform others about this post. Best regards

    1. Hi Dane,

      Thanks so much for your kind words. Experience has shown that the most effective therapies are affordable as they are within the reach of everyone. Only if we can discern. Once again thanks for your comments.

  3. This is a really wonderful post I must confess. Its full of educating facts and a lot of useful information. Heavy weight is so dangerous to the knee. Arthritis of the knee is a very common kind now. I have a friend, his name is Fred, he is very fat and suddenly he started complaining of knee pain and ache around his ankle, he later found out that the cartilages in his knee joint are worn out so as a result, inflammation set in, I’ll share this post to him and I know its gonna help him a big deal. I really like the fat loss cardio tips, they are really effective. I’ll also share this post to other people so they’ll benefit from it.

    Thanks for sharing this article, its really helpful and it’ll be very useful. I enjoyed the time I took to read through, its worth it. Thanks

    1. Hi Jones,

      Thanks for the time spent to digest the material. It’s greatly appreciated. Perhaps your friend will have any questions on the subject, I will be most readily available to offer some more tips. Good health to you.

  4. Hi Anthony, 

    Knee arthritis is something bother my father for so many years, and I came to your post for more suggestions to help my dad not to suffer from the pain that I don’t have experience. He is currently seeing doctors and going back to the hospital to make sure his knees are ok. 

    Your advice is almost the same from a real doctor since I accompanied him a few times for his appointment, such as squat, yoga, and walk. My dad now is walking quite often more than before for a better knee and swim occasionally with friends which also help for the symptoms.  Thanks a lot for this post, I will share with my dad definitely.

  5. Hello Anthony, this is beautifully written I must confess. Knee arthritis can be a big problem. A friends dad has it and he feels severe pain at the knees. I’m sure if he had learnt this about what to do to eradicate weight loss, he wouldn’t have been feeling pains now. Luckily, it is a wake up call for me to get my body moving and take out some ecercise. I will let him see this too so he can start up some cardio. Nice post.

    1. Thanks greatly for your kind comments. I’m happy that you will find the piece useful. Please do not hesitate to beckon on me for any additional useful information. 

      Good health to you!

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